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Find the skills of the candidate in three steps

Three steps to be taken for three main fields: one for the professional figure, one for the skills, one for the level of education.

For the first field, the platform automatically suggests more options.
For example, if you are looking for a "programmer" you can propose "Java programmer", "front-end programmer" and so on, of course in all the engine languages.

Do you want more examples?
In a few weeks you are getting married and looking for a photographer specialized in portraits:

Ominee will immediately suggest you "ceremonial photographer", "fashion photographer", "portrait photographer". Would you like to play piano that day? There you go: you will find a "piano teacher", as well as a "music teacher".

You will then choose the degree of experience by clicking on the drop-down arrow and the place of origin of the applications.

In the field of the skills you could request knowledge of specific programming languages or the use of special software for the first example, mastering the b / w and the Suzuki method for the other two.

While for the qualification you can choose whether to insert a generic or specific one (degree in computer science, master in photojournalism, diploma of conservatory).

Remember that if you request an international experience you need to check the box at the bottom of the page.

At this point, click on the "search" box: the applications will appear, sorted according to the parameters you entered.

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Organizations also have their skills: find them now!

A company. An association. A public authority. A university. A sole proprietorship. All of them are organizations, small or big, they are all equipped with different specific skills at different levels.

Are you looking for automation experts? Enter this item in the field "skills": the platform will automatically suggest you several options, for instance "industrial automation", "PLC automation", "Process automation". Is biology your area? "Environmental biology", "Systems biology", "Conservation biology" are some of the choices offered by the system.

At this point, choose the level of expertise, enter your location and the maximum distance from it, click on the "search" button: one by one the organizations that interest you will appear.

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Semantic, polyglot, intelligent: the engine of Ominee

The Ominee engine is semantic and is able to find people's skills directly using the most advanced computational intelligence technologies, using indifferently multiple languages - in addition to Italian, English, French and Spanish - and idiomatic expressions.

The system is designed to identify in few seconds the most suitable candidates among hundreds of thousands of profiles, simulating the human understanding of people's digital profiles.

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