The personal impression is decisive for the success of a presentation interview and therefore of the application. Below are some rules and advice to best prepare for an interview:

• Getting ready

 Gather information about the company. Before going to the interview, find out the exact meeting place.

• The first impression is what counts

Arrive five minutes early to make sure you are on time. Clothing matters too. Adapt your clothing to the company and the job you are presenting for. Show that you have self-confidence, greet the person you meet with a firm handshake and smile. Be attentive and reactive, listen well from start to finish.

• Be good interlocutors

Listen carefully. Demonstrate interest in the company. Don't interrupt your interlocutors. Ask questions to show your interest in the job. Consider the introductory interview as an opportunity to have an interesting conversation with an interesting person. Don't be humble or arrogant, but behave as if you were dealing with a business partner. Keep in mind that you are not giving alms, but that you have something to offer. As with all business relationships, it is necessary to be able to address the salary issue. Prepare promptly and establish a framework for possible negotiations. It is possible that the salary question, like other issues relating to collaboration, will not be defined until a second interview.

• Boast your professionalism

Don't hesitate to answer questions; take advantage of the opportunity to talk about your successes and describe some particularly successful situations. If an interview does not result in a contract, it should not be considered a total failure. The invitation to the meeting proves that the candidate has the qualities required for the position. It is best to identify the points that did not work in order to improve for future attempts.

The Staff Ominee