When we talk about the definition of trading in the financial markets, it is the same principle. Think that you are trading stocks. You are, in fact, buying shares of a company for money. If the value of these shares increases, you make money by selling them at a higher price. This is called trading. But why does the stock value increase? The answer is simple: value changes mainly because of supply and demand. The more demand for something, the more people are willing to pay for it. Another reason is the companies' financial reports and profits, as well as their important news that affects their share prices. What is online trading? It is the trading of various financial assets through a trading account with a trading broker via the Internet without the need to go to the actual stock exchange, but through an electronic trading platform that gives you direct access to the financial markets and placing orders to buy and sell through them. We hope this short answer is enough to explain "what is online trading?" or "What is electronic trading?" For a long time, financial transactions were conducted electronically only between banks and financial institutions. This means that trading in the financial markets was closed to anyone outside these institutions. With the development of the internet, anyone who wants to engage in trading can now do so online. With the development of the internet, anyone who wants to engage in trading can now do so online. In fact nowadays there are many online brokers that can be accessed with very small capital. These companies will provide you with a trading platform, which will allow you to connect to the market in real time, place trading orders and view and analyze live charts. Almost anything can be traded online: stocks, currencies, commodities and a whole host of other financial instruments – at this point you don't have to worry about all of that. For now, keep in mind that if you want to trade something specific, it is more than likely possible.