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Wood Worker

DutiesThe work involves the concept and production of a wide variety of small and unusually light pressed cardboard, medium and heavy wooden packaging and customized boxes.Make containers for packing delicate items (paintings and sculptures), crates with dividers with wood substitutes such as plywood and veneers.Responsible for packing for shipment by various modes of transportation.Builds containers that involve complex construction problems and bracing requirements for large, unbalanced objects.The tasks involve fragile components and involve complexity and precision.Conditions of employmentAbility to perform the work of a carpenter: build and repair standardized shipping and storage packaging; measure, develop and define changes to existing packaging plans; make standard joints and grooves; determine the materials and methods required for construction of standard containers; determine the strength of wood and wood composite materials and tendencies towards nail holding and splitting; Follow up on work orders, item specifications, illustrations and designs.Ability to perform the work of a paper manufacturer: design and build one-off shipping packaging; carry out gluing and jointing; determine the materials and methods required for packaging construction; determine the strength of the cardboards; Follow up on work orders, item specifications, illustrations and designs.Requirements:Previous experience in the same roles is appreciated, but not mandatory. Autonomy, creativity and excellent manual ability are required. A portfolio of previous creations, including at a hobby and do-it-yourself level, represents a plus.Woodworkers at all levels use manual and power tools and devices that typically involve ongoing physical exertion and prolonged periods of standing, bending, and stooping when constructing or repairing material packaging and shipping devices.They lift and carry objects weighing up to 18 kilograms (40 pounds) without assistance, and often lift and move heavier objects with the assistance of other workers or with lifting devices such as floor lifts or cranes.

ATELIEUX • Novi Sad, Serbia