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Grocery Clerk - Grocery Department Associate

Position Summary The Good Life Grocery seeks Grocery Department Associates for both the Bernal Heights and Potrero stores. As a Grocery Department Associate you will be responsible for working closely with your supervisors and co-workers to create a supportive environment, ensuring the success of the department and of the store overall through excellent customer service and a demonstrated passion for food. Grocery Department Associates actively engage and educate customers about products and make sure that the store is well stocked and looking its best. Excellent communication, multitasking and self-motivation skills are essential, and a demonstrated high level of integrity with department products, employees, vendors, and our customers. Duties & Responsibilities for this position: • Providing excellent and knowledgeable customer service is a MUST! Greet customers while you work. Help them find products throughout the store.Make sure the store is properly faced, merchandized and all displays are full.Properly check in and sign for deliveries.Work all deliveries and freight as they arrive daily.Work and maintain back stock to ensure all shelves are full and that product is properly rotated (FIFO).Qualifications for this position: • Ability to work with a sense of urgency. Flexible scheduling. Evenings, nights, weekends and holidays are a must!Ability to find fulfillment in helping and engaging with customers. · Must be able to stand for long periods of time.Ability to memorize produce codes and learn the different types of fruits and vegetables.Familiarity with natural food products.Properly and safely use equipment (baler, hand truck, pallet jack)

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