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The Baker is responsible for delivering products of the highest quality in terms of freshness, taste, and consistency. Bakers are responsible for procuring ingredients, scaling, preparing, and finishing in accordance with standardized procedures. He/she reports to the First Baker and the Pastry Chef. He/she is responsible for following all standardized procedures, safety regulations, and notifying the Pastry Chef or First Baker of any shortages, or discrepancies in products or ingredients. The Baker is responsible for keeping their immediate work area clean at all times. In order to consistently exceed guest expectations and provide the highest levels of product and services, additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed.Major Duties and ResponsibilitiesKnowledge and preparation and production of goods.Knowledge of basic baking recipes and ability to consistently follow standardized recipes.Convert formulas as necessary to meet production needs based on changing quantities.Participation in daily stand up meetings to ensure that property communication is understood.Timely completion of computer assisted training as required.Prepare items to established pars and daily production.Ensure all ingredients are fresh at all times.Ensure proper temperature requirements are maintained and accurate temperature logs are kept.Performs activities to maintain cleanliness of the kitchen.Maintain the highest standard of personal hygiene and comply with property appearance standards.Ensure that health and safety regulations are maintained.Perform additional duties and responsibilities as necessary or assigned.Ensure quality of all food items leaving the bakery for customer consumptionKnowledge, Skills and AbilitiesAbility to follow instructions.Ability to convert standard formulas to adjust quantities.Exhibiting a strong commitment to the organization.Moderate physical activity requires the handling of average weight object up 25 pounds and standing and/or walking for more than four hours a day.Ability to deal effectively with the general public and casino staff.Ability to make basic arithmetic calculations.Knowledge of minimum temperature requirements for food/drink preservation.Knowledge of Tribal, Federal, State and local sanitary regulations regarding the preparation, maintenance, storage and sales of food products.Ability to lift and carry at least 40 lbs. at one time.Minimum Qualifications, Education and ExperienceKnowledge of all basic pastry techniques and skillsKnowledge of basic equipment including:Balance scales, mixers, and ovensComprehensive understanding of pastry principles, including formulas and measurementThorough comprehension of starches, fats, sugars, liquids, eggs, and flavoringsAbility to prepare candies, petit fours, frozen and cold desserts.Ability to decorate, portion, and plate pastries1+ year of experience in pastry production (may be combined with formal culinary training)High school diploma or GED Certification preferred, but not required.One (1) year of production food service experience.Culinary School 2-4 year degree or foreign equivalency preferredBakery or Pastry experience preferred.Must complete New Mexico Indian Health Food Handlers course.

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