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Esquire, a national provider of court reporting services and technology, is committed to hiring the most qualified professional transcriptionists to service client demands, and to fill that need Esquire is seeking experienced legal transcriptionists. This fully remote position requires an experienced legal transcriptionist to deliver the accurate transcripts our clients demand.

The Esquire experienced legal transcriptionist (LT) will transcribe recorded legal proceedings in compliance with deposition, hearing, and trial transcript format guidelines. The LT will be part of an overarching strategy to effectively allocate resources while maintaining high-quality standards for delivery to our clients.


  • Commitment to adhere to Esquire's best practices and standards for transcript production, editing, and punctuation;
  • For transcription assignments, transcribe audio/video recordings to produce a final transcript (or an edited draft transcript for proofreading);
  • Verify elements of the transcript to ensure accuracy;
  • Proofread transcripts of legal proceedings, to ensure accuracy by searching for any errors in grammar, legal terminology, content, and punctuation of the verbatim record;
  • Prepare final transcript and apply digital signatures to the transcript's certificate pages and submit the job for production;
  • Perform proper backup of all files and ensure required transcription worksheets are completed and submitted when completing work on an assigned job;
  • Handle any returns or rejections of transcripts from the Order Management Team and Production;
  • Prepare and maintain all required reports, logs, and provide timely response to all received communications;
  • Organize work effectively and prioritize daily assignments according to deadlines and job size while remaining flexible for changes in work schedule;
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, OR ABILITIES:Exhibit a courteous and professional demeanor with the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with different roles within Esquire and its independently contracted court reporters;
  • Knowledge of English, including grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, and vocabulary;
  • Knowledge of medical, legal, and technical terminology;
  • Skills in one or more CAT software programs preferred;
  • Ability to transcribe and provide a final, appropriately-formatted text file, if not working in CAT software;
  • Ability to identify problems, determine whether hardware or software related, and follow procedures for escalating;
  • Knowledge in computer backup, archival methods, and security protocols;
  • Familiarity with content and location of reference material, such as exhibits, dictionaries, directories, atlases, newspapers, and online library resources;
  • Ability to review the final transcripts to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting according to the spoken word and Esquire's Transcript Format and Transcription Style Guides;
  • Knowledge of and ability to use the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook as a guide on word and number usage and punctuation;
  • Working knowledge of court procedures and legal documents;
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication, and organizational skills and possess a strong sense of discretion;
  • Self-motivated, focused, attentive, and detail-oriented with the ability to plan work effectively, meet the deadlines assigned, and make sound decisions;
  • Maintain confidentiality of reported proceedings and associated documents;
  • High degree of ethics and commitment to professional conduct;
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule, multitask, and shift priorities;
  • Possess problem-solving abilities to resolve challenges;
  • Ability to work under pressure;
  • Capable of taking direction from more than one supervisor;
  • Comfortable, collaborative, and effective working on a team;
  • Maintain regular and acceptable attendance while working from home;
  • Familiarity with computer systems and Microsoft Office Suite; and
  • Follow IT department's technical requirements in the administration of reporting, scoping, and transcription duties.
  • EXPERIENCE QUALIFICATIONS:At least 5 years' experience as a legal transcriptionist;
  • AAERT Certification Preferred;
  • Proficient in the English language, ability to read and interpret documents and instructions with a good working knowledge of English grammar, punctuation, and spelling;
  • Conduct oneself professionally to serve the best interests of Esquire and its court reporters, and provide the highest standard of practice by keeping abreast of customs, procedures, and developments in the reporting profession by reading professional journals and supporting professional reporting associations;
  • Minimum touch-typing speed of 60 wpm with a high degree of accuracy; and
  • MEASUREMENTS OF SUCCESSSuccessfully meet expectations in the performance of daily assignments;
  • Produce accurate and quality final transcripts for proofreading and certification in accordance to Esquire's Transcript Format and Transcription Style Guides;
  • Ability to interact with coworkers and reporters in a professional manner
  • Exceed quality control checks on final transcripts, proofreading, final transcripts, and completion of job submission worksheets; and
  • Support Service Provider Relations effectively and efficiently, as needed.
  • WORK-FROM-HOME REQUIREMENTS:Reliable power and internet source and appropriate battery backup;
  • Must be available by phone, email, and Esquire's internal instant message system at all times during scheduled work hours;
  • Maintenance at your residence, scheduled or emergency, must not interfere with your ability to meet your job requirements.

Double check the required skills before applying.


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