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Thermal Systems Controls Engineer

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Seattle, U.S.


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Your Expertise + Our Technology will decarbonize the planet

We are a sustainable heat and power technology company that helps buildings and homeowners save money, reduce carbon emissions, and increase resiliency. Our mission is to decarbonize building energy with our breakthrough combined heat-and-power products and direct hydrogen production technology. As a venture backed startup with $40+M raised and support from prominent investors like Bill Gates, we have the resources and team to truly change the world.


As we are on the cusp of announcing industry partnerships and approaching commercialization, we are looking for a skilled Thermal Systems Controls Engineer to join our team.

You will work with a team of Thermal-Mechanical and Chemical Engineers to design a combustion system that meets required performance, reliability and safety, cost, and schedule specifications.

3 Awesome reasons to work here:

Top Funding from prominent investors and partners

Help develop clean, renewable fuel technologies

Top benefits and options as we move to commercialization

Details :

You will perform conceptual design and combustion/burner analyses; prepare design sketches and layouts; select raw materials; design and install new experimental burner/combustion test hardware; perform combustion experiments; and analyze test results.

Responsibilities include

  • Design and assemble combustion test rigs, perform combustion experiments, and analyze test results with safety in mind
  • Help create drawings and P&ID for experimental combustion components, sub-systems, and other mechanical assemblies
  • Support burner design concept generation, analysis, and optimization
  • Interface closely with combustion sub-system component suppliers to specify and purchase components.
  • Interface with the multidisciplinary experimental, computational, and design teams to support validating analytical models with burner test data and iterate on prototype designs
  • Validate designs to inform scale-up to pilot and demonstration scale units.
  • Support the evaluation of next generation designs by the R&D and Engineering teams

What you need for this Position:

Because of the creative thinking required for this role, we believe you should have a master' s degree or higher in Physics Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering or related.

We are looking for someone with most of the following skills:

  • Hands-on experience designing, building, and testing combustion/burner test setups
  • Hands-on experience planning and performing combustion experiments in a laboratory environment.
  • Scaling up combustion systems, and theoretical/computational analysis of combustion systems
  • Knowledge of combustion chemistry, thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics including flame propagation in complex fuel mixtures and combustion kinetics & chemistry
  • Experience analyzing laboratory and/or field test data to correlate and validate analytical models

In addition to a highly competitive salary ($100-$150K plus) and a generous benefits package including 100% funded insurance, you will also be granted early-stage internal equity. Your hard work will also qualify you for a Flexible working schedule and Flexible time-off.


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