Pharmacy Care Technician

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Figura professionale :

Pharmacy Care Technician

luogo :

Lenexa, U.S.

Tipo di contratto :

Tempo indeterminato

Orario di lavoro :

Tempo pieno

Stipendio :

Retribuzione lorda 25000.00 - 35000.00 all'anno



Positions in this function perform various duties related to the fulfillment of prescription orders. Dispense any or all of the following:

unit doses, specialty pharmaceuticals, injectables, IV, enterals and related supplies following state and federal regulations and

company policies and procedures. May compound medications using appropriate components, supplies and sterile/ventilated

environment. Process, pack and ship outgoing pharmacy orders, ensuring drug, related supplies and patient collateral (education

materials) are included. May also perform drug/supply ordering and inventory/warehouse duties, including proper storage of drugs

and supplies and appropriate refrigeration of perishable product, monitor and adjust/calibrate pharmacy equipment, fill dispensing

units. - Clerks, Techs and Pharmacists in regional and local pharmacies may also perform the following as permitted by state

regulation: Prep and scan documents, verify member/patient data, submit prescription orders in computer system. Contact

members/patients to validate data, resolve rejected claims, request payment information, establish priority of order or delivery

details, consult on medication issues, and set up treatment in on-site facilities. Interpret provider prescription and create order,

access, input and retrieve prescription and medical/lab information from computer system, verifies whether order/drug is

reimbursable/covered.- Pharmacists monitor and verify all prescription orders upon creation and dispensing. Calibrate dosing

pumps.- Pharmacists in this function may also act as the Pharmacist-in-Charge (PIC) which has additional duties to ensure

Pharmacy is in compliance with federal and state regulations, professional standards and internal procedures. Note: (If duties are

exclusively Rx order creation use Front Pharmacy job function for Clerks, Techs and Supervisors.)

Navigate in and between internal and external computer systems quickly to respond to questions or find drug benefit or clinical


-Process prescriptions or prior authorization cases through on-line systems

-Enter data (e.g., member or clinical) into computer systems that is used for making automated or clinical decisions

-Utilize phone systems effectively to answer, make or transfer calls

-Demonstrate proficiency in navigating basic computer systems (e.g., Microsoft Office software)

-Review cases, orders, or prescriptions as they are received to determine urgency and accuracy

-Review orders, prescriptions, or clinical information to make claim determinations, potential patient interventions, or prescription

interpretations and approvals

-Consult with members or others on medication use and appropriate interventions

-Review claims processing status and reasons for rejections

-Interpret and apply clinical guidelines or data to make judgments (e.g., approve prior authorizations, approve prescriptions, identify

clinical interventions)

-Make clinical decisions or recommendations (e.g., approvals/denials/incomplete for lack of information decisions)

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