How much does it cost to sign up for Ominee?

Registration and use of the platform services are free.

What are the advantages in subscribing?

With Ominee you can maximize your skills so that they are evaluated in concrete terms, unlike other platforms not based on personal skills.

Why the CV I uploaded displays incorrectly?

The technology, however advanced, still meets limits, especially in the field of applied semantics. We work every day in a way that all the elements of the platform work perfectly (by the way, would you like to give us your feedback?). But we can ensure that a non perfect visualization does not hinder the search from recruiters, who can easily understand word by word the content of your CV.

Why in my profile I have to give my phone number?

You are asked to give your phone number for security reasons: to complete the registration you must enter a numeric code generated by the system that you will receive with a message on your phone. It’s a certain and reliable way to verify your identity.

Do I have to allow access to my LinkedIn account?

No, but if you decide to allow access (email and password) the procedure is very fast: the system automatically pick up the data you have freely decided to publish on LinkedIn. Your accesses will not be stored. They will be used only for this purpose. If you prefer, however, you can upload your resume with a PDF file or fill out the fields provided in your Ominee profile.

How will my data be used?

In strict compliance with your privacy. Please read carefully our policy.

After completing my profile, who can contact me?

At the moment, Ominee is limited to the selection of personnel related to the ad you were able to read. In a short time it will work at full capacity, allowing contact with the whole job market, both at the level of companies and professionals. To not miss news and updates please follow our channels.

Are there chances that my resume will be read?

With Ominee you have the certainty that your skills are read and considered with great attention.

Who will contact me in case my skills were well evaluated?

Directly the company.

What will happen with my data if I was not chosen?

Your data will remain in our database and will be treated as per policy. Of course, you can always decide to delete your profile.

Who is the owner of the platform?

The property is owned by Ominee s.r.l., an innovative start-up founded in Turin in 2015, enrolled in the register of personnel research and selection agencies with provisional ministerial authorization protocol number 0000124 on the 18th of October, 2018.