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Resultados para: Construcción comercial in Roma, Italia

Wood Worker

DutiesThe work involves the concept and production of a wide variety of small and unusually light pressed cardboard, medium and heavy wooden packaging and customized boxes.Make containers for packing delicate items (paintings and sculptures), crates with dividers with wood substitutes such as plywood and veneers.Responsible for packing for shipment by various modes of transportation.Builds containers that involve complex construction problems and bracing requirements for large, unbalanced objects.The tasks involve fragile components and involve complexity and precision.Conditions of employmentAbility to perform the work of a carpenter: build and repair standardized shipping and storage packaging; measure, develop and define changes to existing packaging plans; make standard joints and grooves; determine the materials and methods required for construction of standard containers; determine the strength of wood and wood composite materials and tendencies towards nail holding and splitting; Follow up on work orders, item specifications, illustrations and designs.Ability to perform the work of a paper manufacturer: design and build one-off shipping packaging; carry out gluing and jointing; determine the materials and methods required for packaging construction; determine the strength of the cardboards; Follow up on work orders, item specifications, illustrations and designs.Requirements:Previous experience in the same roles is appreciated, but not mandatory. Autonomy, creativity and excellent manual ability are required. A portfolio of previous creations, including at a hobby and do-it-yourself level, represents a plus.Woodworkers at all levels use manual and power tools and devices that typically involve ongoing physical exertion and prolonged periods of standing, bending, and stooping when constructing or repairing material packaging and shipping devices.They lift and carry objects weighing up to 18 kilograms (40 pounds) without assistance, and often lift and move heavier objects with the assistance of other workers or with lifting devices such as floor lifts or cranes.

ATELIEUX • Novi Sad, Serbia


Assistente amministrativa/o contabile

Ali Agenzia per il Lavoro SpA, società specializzata nella Somministrazione e Ricerca e Selezione di Personale, filiale di Pesaro, è attualmente alla ricerca di una figura professionale da inserire come Assistente amministrativa/o contabile per conto di un'azienda cliente operante nel settore dell'edilizia.La risorsa ideale è una professionista con competenze contabili di base e una buona capacità di gestione delle operazioni amministrative quotidiane. Lavorerà in un ambiente stimolante e dinamico.Responsabilità principali:Gestione della contabilità generale: Registrazione delle operazioni contabili quotidiane, controllo e archiviazione della documentazione finanziaria.Fatturazione e pagamenti: Emissione e gestione delle fatture, controllo dei pagamenti e delle riscossioni.Rapporti con le banche: Gestione delle operazioni bancarie, monitoraggio dei conti e rapporti con gli istituti di credito.Gestione dei fornitori: Coordinamento con i fornitori per ordini, pagamenti e risoluzione di eventuali problematiche.Supporto nella gestione dei cantieri edili: Monitoraggio delle attività dei cantieri, gestione della documentazione e delle comunicazioni relative.Rapporti con il commercialista: Collaborazione con il commercialista per la chiusura dei bilanci e la gestione fiscale.Relazioni con vari enti: Gestione delle comunicazioni e delle pratiche con enti pubblici e privati.Supporto nelle gare d'appalto: Preparazione della documentazione e monitoraggio delle scadenze per la partecipazione alle gare d'appalto.Gestione delle polizze assicurative: Controllo delle scadenze, rinnovo delle polizze e gestione delle comunicazioni con le compagnie assicurative.Supporto all'ufficio amministrativo: Assistenza nelle attività quotidiane dell'ufficio, gestione delle scadenze e archiviazione dei documenti.Requisiti:Diploma in Ragioneria o Laurea in Economia (o equivalente)Esperienza pregressa in ruoli amministrativi o contabili (almeno 2 anni)Conoscenza approfondita dei principali software di contabilità e del pacchetto Office (in particolare Excel)Ottime capacità organizzative e di gestione del tempoPrecisione e attenzione ai dettagliBuone capacità comunicative e relazionaliCapacità di lavorare in team e in autonomiaCompetenze di base in contabilitàOffriamo un contratto a tempo determinato con possibilità di proroghe basate sulla performance e sulle esigenze aziendali, in un ambiente di lavoro dinamico e stimolante. È prevista l'assunzione diretta da parte del nostro cliente.Orario di lavoro: Dalle 8 alle 13Luogo di lavoro: Pesaro (PU)

ALI Spa • Pesaro, Italia


Construction Manager - Civil Engineering

Job DescriptionWe are currently seeking a highly experienced professional in the field of infrastructure construction, with specific expertise in roads. The ideal candidate should have a minimum of 15 years of experience in managing and overseeing infrastructure projects. As a key member of our team, you will be responsible for leading and coordinating all aspects of construction projects, ensuring their successful completion within the given time and budget constraints. This role requires strong technical knowledge, exceptional leadership skills, and the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with various stakeholders.Responsibilities:Develop and implement project plans, including budgeting, scheduling, and resource allocation.Coordinate with architects, engineers, and other professionals to ensure project specifications and requirements are met.Manage and supervise construction teams, subcontractors, and vendors, ensuring compliance with project plans and safety regulations.Monitor and track project progress, identifying and resolving any issues or delays that may arise.Review and approve construction drawings, specifications, and material selections.Prepare regular progress reports, providing updates on project status, milestones, and budget.Ensure compliance with all relevant building codes, regulations, and permits.Implement and enforce quality control measures to ensure the delivery of high-quality infrastructure projects.Collaborate with stakeholders to address any concerns or changes in project scope.Provide leadership and mentorship to project teams, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment.Preferred Candidate:Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering or a related field.Minimum of 7 years of experience in infrastructure construction, with a focus on roads.Proven track record of successfully managing and delivering large-scale infrastructure projects.Strong technical knowledge of civil engineering principles and construction methods.Excellent leadership and communication skills, with the ability to effectively collaborate with diverse teams.Proficiency in construction management software and tools.Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities.Attention to detail and strong organizational skills.SkillsProject managementConstruction planning and schedulingRisk managementBudgeting and cost controlInfrastructure construction

Bayt.com Inc. • Riyadh, Arabia Saudita