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Mexico City, Mexico

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We are seeking a meticulous and proactive Technical Writer. The ideal candidate will be responsible for organizing and coordinating documentation using tools such as Jira, Confluence, Gitlab, and Google Docs. They will play a critical role in ensuring that all documentation is up to date, accurate, and effectively supports our teams and products.Some of the main responsibilities are to:Documentation Management: Create, organize, and maintain documentation using Jira, Confluence, Gitlab, and Google Docs. Content Coordination: Collaborate closely with various teams and managers to gather necessary information for documentation purposes and ensure accuracy and completeness of content. Document Version Control: Implement and manage document version control using Gitlab or similar tools to maintain document history and changes. Documentation Updates: Regularly review and update existing documentation to reflect the latest product features, processes, and changes. Monthly Reporting: Generate and deliver monthly reports highlighting documentation progress, including metrics on completion, updates, and pending tasks. Quality Assurance: Ensure documentation complies with established standards, styles, and guidelines, maintaining consistency and clarity throughout. RequirementsBachelor’s degree in English, Technical Writing, Computer Science, or a related field. Proven experience in technical writing, documentation management, or a similar role. Proficiency in using Jira, Confluence, Gitlab, and Google Docs for documentation purposes. Strong attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Ability to communicate complex technical information clearly and concisely. Experience in generating reports and analyzing documentation metrics is preferred.


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