Electrical Engineer

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Electrical Engineer


Mining sector


Bogotá, Colombia

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Prismecs is at the forefront of transforming industrial solutions on a global scale. As trailblazers in supply chain and engineering, we empower industrial teams to break through barriers in sectors like power generation and oil & gas. With a strategic presence in key markets—USA, Saudi Arabia, and Angola—we're not just a company; we're a dynamic global force.Our proven track record demonstrates success in delivering turnkey supply chain and engineering solutions across challenging industries. Prismecs merges domain expertise with cutting-edge innovation, especially in sectors such as oil & gas, metals, mining, and cement. We specialize in tailoring solutions for maximum uptime, offering an unparalleled platform for your skills to thrive. If you're driven to make a tangible impact in the industrial realm, envision yourself contributing to a team at Prismecs that prioritizes reliability and integrity at every stage. Join us on this transformative journey where your potential knows no bounds, shaping the future of industrial excellence.As an Electrical Engineer at Prismecs, you will play a crucial role in the execution of equipment and facilities repairs, overseeing electrical trips' analysis, remediations, and recommendations. Reporting directly to the Plant Manager, you will contribute to the overall maintenance and operation of the power generation plant.Responsibilities:Proactively participate in the PRISMECS Energy health, safety, and environment program.Comply with health, safety, and environment regulations applicable to the power generation plant industry.Collaborate with HSE, ensuring compliance with directives or guidelines.Execute preventive and corrective works and maintenance in facilities and equipment, following OEM manuals, industry best practices, procedures, policies, and guidance from the Plant Manager.Set high personal standards as an example.Take firm action to proactively report and repair sub-standard performance and equipment installation.Responsible for daily updates on the maintenance history of plant facilities and equipment in logbooks, reports, and digital files.Maintain and develop medium and low voltage electrical systems.Conduct protection relay settings, fault calculations, and load flow studies.Investigate root causes and report on protection trips, quality of electricity supply, and metering queries.Conduct annual reliability audits and testing on transformation, HV, and MV maneuver equipment and relays.Develop procedures for and conduct routine inspection, troubleshooting, testing, and analysis of protection systems, transformation equipment, HV, and MV maneuver equipment.Propose maintenance activities and jobs to the Plant Manager with sufficient anticipation.Coordinate with the Operations department for equipment interventions to reduce impacts on availability.Mentor, coach, and provide training for the correct operations of plant facilities and equipment.Always be available to address emergencies resulting from equipment failures.Propose lists of essential parts, consumables, tools, and materials.Work closely with the Plant Manager to support inventory audits.Execute scheduled work during control room shifts, including operating SCADA, Protection and Control Systems, preventive routine inspections, and general facilities maintenance.Responsible for prompt communication of any incidents, accidents, injuries, environmental violations, equipment failures, or damage during shifts.Ensure housekeeping, energy conservation guidelines, and environmental regulations compliance.Contribute to team effort, supporting other areas of the plant to achieve established goals.Capable of working in a multicultural and multidisciplinary work environment.Consult with the Plant Manager on major technical issues and work planning.Qualifications:Electrical Engineer degree.English proficiency (reading, writing, and speaking).RCA knowledge and experience.Experience with Power System modeling packages (SKM, ETAP, EazyPower, CYME, etc.).Knowledge of engineering standards (CSA, NEC, NESC, IEEE, and ANSI).3 years of work experience in power generation plants (GT plants are a plus).Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office Knowledge.Industrial communication knowledge and experience.Protective systems knowledge.Predictive, Proactive maintenance practices, and techniques knowledge and experience.CMMS system knowledge and experience.HSE General Basic Knowledge.Knowledge of ISO 9001, ISO 14000, and OHSAS 18001 (a plus).


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