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School Nurse

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Health care Sector


Bakersfield, Stati Uniti


Gross remuneration 78234.00 - 105698.00 $ Yearly

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Full time

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Panama-Buena Vista Union School District invites well-qualified candidates to apply for the position of School Nurse. The District is looking for a School Nurse who organizes, coordinates, and administers health services that enhance the health status and education of students and staff. Provides professional nursing services, including case management, to students, and collaborates with other health care providers and agencies to coordinate health care.


  • Identifies students with health problems that interfere with effective learning. Employs case finding, screening, interviewing, and observation techniques as well as analysis of health records to assess student health status. Refers students with particular needs to higher level health professionals and/or community resources.
  • Compiles health and demographic information from students, noting health history including social, emotional, and environmental aspects.
  • Provides urgent nursing care for ill and injured students and school personnel. Refers patients to local health care providers for more advanced treatment.
  • Provides related health care services as mandated by law and prescribed by a physician.
  • Evaluates and documents the progress of individual care plans and therapeutic programs, and makes modifications within scope of practice.
  • May coordinate and participate in implementing immunization programs. Administers immunizations according to medical protocols and safe and appropriate guidelines.
  • Conducts weigh-in and limited physical examinations in connection with athletics and eligibility.
  • Conducts physical examinations such as, but not limited to, scoliosis, hearing, and vision screening in accordance with mandates and parent or staff requests.
  • Implements programs directed at control of communicable diseases in the schools. Conducts education on health and hygiene topics.
  • Confers with, participates and cooperates with private physicians and public agencies in formulating appropriate campus health policies and resolution of student and community health issues.
  • Facilitates student/family access to school, and community resources for health care. Assists student/family to develop resources and make contact with outside services. Develops resources as appropriate to meet student/family needs in the community.
  • Maintains professional competence by participating in required in-service education and health education programs designed to maintain healthcare credentials.
  • Performs health education and counseling to students. Participates with other health care professionals to develop emergency and individualized care plans and provides referral to other health care professionals. Follows up to monitor progress and compliance with care plans.
  • Ensures that health records are maintained up-to-date and that billing for services to third party agencies for reimbursement is done on a timely basis. Documents all encounters. Writes nursing and/or social summaries.
  • Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.


  • California School Nurse Services credential and California registered nurse license required.
  • Successful nursing experience is desirable.
  • Ability to relate positively to parents, school personnel and other lay and professional people.
  • Ability to conduct oneself in a professional manner; present a favorable personal appearance; and demonstrate personality characteristics, which enhance effectiveness in a school setting.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, with a pleasant voice and correct articulation; use appropriate, professional language skills in writing and speaking.
  • Demonstrate positive attitude and desire to improve professional knowledge and competence.


The salary range for School Nurse is $78,234 - $105,698, eight (8) steps, 194 working days per year, five (5) days per week (based on 2022-2023 Salary Schedule). Placement on the salary schedule is determined by the number of years of prior experience. $1,200/year stipend for Master's Degree. The District currently contributes $19,793.00 per year towards hospital/medical, dental, and vision insurance. Prepaid life insurance plan for the employee only.

As required by California State Law, should you be employed by the district, your fingerprints will be submitted to the Justice Department and the FBI for a background check. Processing fee will be at the applicant’s expense.


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