Application Software Engineer

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Software Engineer


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Dubai, Emirati Arabi Uniti


Gross remuneration € Yearly

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Working hours

Full time

Job Description

Job Summary

Build system mission of application or Simulator for controlling, testing and analysis the spacecraft such as mission control software to generate command and received telemetry.


  • Develop SW application based on user interface communication.
  • Include any automation or scripting required for the operations of the SW.
  • Improve the user interface with the SW by detailing all the interfaces and process required for all the operations and minimizing the errors possibilities.
  • Develop the source codes based on the requirements of the application using single or multiple languages.
  • Prepare the documentation for the details of the design description, code description, user manuals and fault managements.
  • Test the developed application SW in order to verify it’s functionality in meeting the requirements or the standards.
  • Maintain the codes and any modification using existing or future SW code management tools.
  • Prepare and communicate relevant, regular, evaluation, and ad hoc services reports.

Qualificaiton Skills and Expereince

  • Bachelor’s degree in Software/Computer Engineering/Science.
  • Fresh Graduate And/or Career Path dependent Education/Qualification.
  • Windows, Linux, C#, C++, JAVA Environment, Python scripts, Database. HTML, PHP.
  • Verbal and written communication English / Arabic.
  • Practical hands-on approach.
  • Flexibility.
  • Technical knowledge.
  • Handling cautions.
  • Knowledge of health and safety.


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