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Electrical Engineer

Job Title

Electrical Engineer


Yanbu Al Bahr, Arabia Saudita


Gross remuneration € Yearly

Job Type


Working hours

Full time

Study Title

Engineering (bachelor)

Job Description

Job Description

  • Plan a systematic design outline for the effective working and performance of electrical systems and machines.
  • Analyzing the company's requirements and preparing the technical report to purchase relevant equipment.
  • Formulating data-driven documents to suggest possible electrical engineering research and projects.
  • Audit inspection and maintenance tasks to suggest modifications as per requirement.
  • Interact with third-party vendors and project managers to decide on relevant electrical installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting activities.
  • Communicate with the top-level management about the potential need for new equipment by providing accurate assessments and reports.


  • Exposure to working on electrical engineering projects with a technical firm or company.
  • Proficient in organizing various aspects of an ongoing project and communicating crucial messages to colleagues.
  • Familiar with the internationally and locally approved codes related to the choice of material, quality control, and other technical facets.
  • Familiar with electrical design software.
  • Remarkable understanding of international standards and regulations to streamline processes and activities.
  • A degree in Electrical Engineering.

Preferred Candidate

Years of Experience: Min. 10

Residence Location: Saudi Arabia


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