Principal Engineer / Director, Automotive Modules Engineering

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Automotive Engineer


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San Diego, Stati Uniti


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Full time

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Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Plans, designs, and develops electronic systems, circuits, components, integrated circuitry, mechanical systems, equipment and packaging, optical systems, and/or DSP systems. Conducts simulations and analyses of designs. Develops emulation solutions. Evaluates, characterizes, and develops the manufacturing solution for leading-edge products in the most advanced processes. Interfaces with various cross-functional teams (e.g. Designers, Software/System Engineering, Architecture Development, Business Groups, Customers, Customer Engineering) to drive and incorporate the latest test solutions in the production program to improve the yield, test time, and quality. Evaluates reliability of materials, properties, and techniques used in production.

**Minimum Qualifications:**


We are seeking an engineering lead to coordinate high level architecture, design, testing and productization of Qualcomm Automotive Modules used for IVI (In-Vehicle-Infotainment), ADAS and Autonomous driving applications.


The candidate will act in the capacity of a Project Engineer and work closely with other Qualcomm teams engaged in designing and implementing the module including substrate design, designing test/validation platforms, reliability, functional safety, system validation and product-test. The candidate will work with business teams and other leads in the organization to establish requirements, module roadmap, and strategies to meet the overall product goals.

The candidate will be responsible for the overall coordination of all engineering activities related to the module, provide guidance and direction to other teams in helping shape the product and be the principal technical contact in discussions both within the organization and with external customers. Candidate will interface across the systems engineering teams, including meeting with internal teams, supply partners and customers to help establish engineering KPI metrics and critical use cases as well as features, timeliness, stability, reliability, cost, performance, power, etc. The candidate will also work with external fabricators and CMs (Contract Manufacturers) to setup manufacturing and production testing at the factories of our CM partners. Candidate will own module product from inception to prototyping, qualification, production and customer rollout. Key focus on Automotive level quality, cost, NRE, DPPM, performance and product alignment to next level integration across Qualcomm's customer base.


• The candidate should have a background in system design or board level hardware design with experience in designing and building full hardware systems comprising of SoCs, advanced processors, DDR RAM, high-speed and high-bandwidth data interfaces, displays, cameras, digital audio and control interfaces. Experience with automotive designs is highly desirable.

• Manufacturing of PCBs, BGA or LGA modules used in the automotive industry. Knowledge of PCB/substrate technologies, fabrication processes and materials used.

• Experience in working with external Contract manufacturers in a leadership capacity to take a product from prototype to production

• System architecture for IVI, ADAS or other ECUs in an automotive application.

• Experience with full product lifecycle from requirements gathering, prototype development, production, knowledge of PCB design flow, EDA tools, electrical and thermal simulations

• Familiarity with Automotive certification, shock and vibration testing and EMI compliance

• Working with a wide cross functional team comprising of various design and software teams, reliability, functional safety, business, sales and customer engineering

**Preferred Qualifications:**

• Master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems, or related field.

• 15+ years of Hardware Engineering or related work experience.

• 4+ years of experience with circuit design (e.g., digital, analog, RF).

• 4+ years of experience utilizing schematic capture and circuit simulation software.

• 4+ years of experience with hardware design and measurement instruments such as oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, RF tools, etc.

• 4+ years in a technical leadership role with or without direct reports.

**Principal Duties and Responsibilities:**

• Acts as a technical lead for design teams; reviews and helps write proposals or roadmaps for complex products; consults with staff engineers to ensure they understand testing and/or design requirements for products.

• Drives the development of and changes to design rules and processes for electronic hardware, equipment, and/or integrated circuitry; serves as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to multiple teams in their department.

• Suggests modifications to device specification sheets based on their expertise and anticipation of needs for hardware testing/design of future products; identifies ways to add value to existing products and testing procedures.

• Advises teams on various operating conditions and configurations to help identify innovative and cost-efficient ways to optimize testing procedures and/or hardware designs; creates a culture that promotes and drives innovative solutions for process improvement.

• Advises multiple teams of engineers on how to evaluate various design features for potential flaws (electrical, mechanical, hardware), compatibility issues, and/or compliance issues.

• Leads teams of engineers within department on ways to document various materials, components, chipsets, and how functions interact; identifies potential compatibility, safety, or compliance issues.

• Leads troubleshooting efforts and shares troubleshooting expertise with teams of engineers to help identify best practices and solutions to advanced issues identified in designs.

• Serves as a technical expert for teams of engineers that work with internal customers in order to help address various questions related to materials, production, assembly, and/or testing of hardware.

• Acts as a tech lead on major projects across multiple teams to ensure they are driven to completion.

• Provides technical expertise and consultation to a variety of engineering project teams; manages and monitors the progress of multiple engineering project teams working on similar projects being completed across multiple geographic locations and time zones.

• Leverages network and collaborates with other departments to develop IPs; communicates effectively with legal department regarding IP requirements; utilizes deep knowledge of IP process to provide guidance to more junior engineers.

• Acts as an expert resource to others on matters related to industry trends, competitor products, and advances in various engineering fields from publicly available information; shares expertise within and/or across teams.

• Advises multiple teams of engineers on best practices for conducting specialized analyses (e.g., feasibility studies, signal integrity, power integrity, teardown analyses).


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