Cameraman / Photographer

Job Title



Human resources


Canberra, Australia


Gross remuneration 39.00 - 45.00 $ Hourly

Job Type

Casual work

Working hours


Job Description

Seeking an experienced Cameraman / Photographer / Webcam operator to work 2 hours a day from 3:45 pm-5:45 pm, 4 days a week, including weekend work. The position is based in Canberra.

The role involves setting up an online streaming solution for the Last Post Ceremony and ensuring the web broadcast is captured using the supplied equipment and systems.

Controls of all components will be delivered on a tablet device via a web console and will include set-up and pack down of all audio and lighting equipment.

Responsibilities include:

   Set-up and check of all equipment and systems as relating to the PA and Webcam equipment

   Run the Broadcast as per schedule and monitor camera feed for live streaming.

   Correct use of professional-level equipment

   Reporting of technical issues and ensuring the long-term sustainability of solutions

   Provide professional input for the continuous improvement of web broadcasts.

   Communicate effectively with team members.

   Manual handling and movement of a wide range of objects and equipment as required.

What is in it for you?

   Flexible work on various days of the week

   Attractive hourly rate at $39.31 per hour plus 10.5% superannuation


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