AC & Mechanical foreman

Job Title

Mechanical worker


Metalworking Industry


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Gross remuneration € Yearly

Job Type


Working hours

Full time

Job Description

We are currently recruiting experienced AC & mechanical foreman on behalf of a major international Company Location: Saudi Arabia Offshore

The AC&R Mechanic Foreman provides support and report to the Mechanical General Foreman Division in SRF Jeddah about all Air Cooling matters related to F2000, F3000 & LRT class ships and Naval Forces School Jeddah.

The AC&R Mechanic Foreman surveys equipment damages and provides repairs needs. He follows up and performs planned maintenance with deadlines respect and corrective maintenance, warranty and modernizing work. He works out technical files, equipment trials, overhaul or test sheets.

He prescribes instructions related to works in progress according to procedures and safety rules.


• Surveys equipment damages,

• Works out technical files, equipment trials, overhaul on test sheets,

• Participate in plants trials,

• Participates in developing technical recommendations,

• Provides technical expertise to RSNF / SRF as requested,

• Prescribes instructions related to works in progress according to procedures and safety rules,

• Transfers his knowledge of position related skills, duties and responsibilities to RSNF maintenance technicians through On Job Training,

• Performs other duties as assigned.


Mechanic advanced vocational diploma with air Cooling speciality or Mechanic certificate in the French or Saoudi Navy or equivalent military or industrial training in a marine trade.


Experience in the Marine Mechanical and Naval Air Cooling repair fields or similar experience in repair and maintenance. This job will be on Resident basis


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