Agronomy / Horticulture Senior Research Technician

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Glassdoor Inc.

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Education sector

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Research and development technician

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Brookings, U.S.

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Working hours :

Full time

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Gross remuneration Yearly


Smart Working
International experiences
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South Dakota State University

Physical Location of Position (City): Beresford (SD)

Posting Text

Job Responsibilities: This position will work with diverse research projects at the SDSU Southeast Research Farm in Beresford, SD. The primary focus will be on cropping systems research with both agronomic and horticultural crops at the farm; to engage with livestock and other farm research and maintenance efforts as directed by the Operations Manager; implement assigned trials, including collecting and storing samples, recording data, and providing for field and plot maintenance, and equipment as directed and based on protocols provided by SDSU researchers; summarize data collected and transmit it to project directors, and assist with analysis and interpretation of data; help prepare presentations and reports in coordination with the project director and the operations manager of the farm.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

Knowledge of:

  • Commercial crop or vegetable production
  • Farm equipment operation and maintenance
  • Agronomic or horticultural research
  • Data management and software for controlling precision ag equipment

Skill & Ability to:

  • Demonstrate ability to work with famers and other clientele groups
  • Work in the field and to travel as needed to complete assigned tasks
  • Be self-motivated, disciplined, and ale to understand and adhere to research protocols
  • Work independently on a day-to-day basis

Required License: Valid driver’s license. Commercial pesticide applicator license within 6 months of hire.

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