Accounts Payable Supervisor

Publisher :

Caterer Global LTD

location :

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Contract type :


Working hours :

Full time

Salary :

Gross remuneration $ Yearly


Smart Working
International experiences
Available for business trips



1.1.1Provide a summary of the ageing report required by various people in the Accounting and Control Department to prepare monthly reports
1.1.2To understand Rixos objectives in managing Account Payable Function so as toprovide an effective system to track Accounts Payable for effective Cash Flow management
1.1.3Ensure loyalty of key suppliers of the hotel, resulting in lower cost per unit.
1.1.4To obtain, date-stamp and file all documents which support authorized purchases and services rendered (PR’s, PO’s, Delivery Notes, signed Receiving Records, Contracts etc.) for future matching to invoices.
1.1.5To process daily invoices, that is, to match them to their supporting authorizations and receiving records.
1.1.6To check all the petty cash vouchers for validity and accuracy and to process for payment.
1.1.7To record all the petty cash vouchers and to post them timely and accurately into the computer system.
1.1.8To prepare account allocation of all petty cash vouchers.
1.1.9To control and to supervise the reimbursement of General Cashier funds.
1.1.10To check if all the paid petty cash vouchers are filed properly for future reference.
1.1.11To batch invoices, obtain department head approval and book them to the appropriate account and departments.
1.1.12To review and determine all payments due and to submit the payment requests and disbursement schedule to the Chief Accountant, Accounting Manager and / or the Director of Finance for review and signature prior to the actual preparation of cheques.
1.1.13To prepare cheque payments and submit them, with their supports attached, for final approval and signatures by the Director of Finance and General Manager.
1.1.14To raise and record cheques for urgent payments.
1.1.15To prepare monthly accruals for goods and services received, but not invoiced.
1.1.16To prepare monthly accruals for any major commitments.
1.1.17To check and ensure that the books and records are updated accurately and timely.
1.1.18To co-operate and assist in reconciling the month-end inventory book balances to actual physical counts.
1.1.19To prepare month-end closing of Accounts Payable.
1.1.20To prepare and follow up on some balance sheet schedules as instructed including all the advanced payments.
1.1.21To have a full working knowledge and capability to supervise, correct and demonstrate all duties and tasks in the assigned Place of Work to the standard set. 
1.1.22To be entirely flexible and adapt to rotate within the different sub departments of the Accounting & Finance Department.
1.1.23To be fully conversant with all services and facilities offered by the hotel.
1.1.24To ensure all files and reports are properly filed for future reference.
1.1.25To maintain an up-to-date ‘Open Accounts’ for Accounts Payable.
1.1.26To assist in carrying out quarterly, bi-yearly, yearly inventory of operating equipment.
1.1.27To carry out any other reasonable duties as assigned by the Finance Manager and / or the Director of Finance.

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