F&B Assistant

Publisher :

Caterer Global LTD

location :

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Contract type :


Working hours :

Full time

Salary :

Gross remuneration $ Yearly


Smart Working
International experiences
Available for business trips



?To Deliver exceptional guest care and service to achieve a Guest Satisfaction Index higher than 92%.

?To be familiar with food and menu terminology.

?The set service standards to be followed while serving the guest.

?Clean and prepare condiments.

?Obtain adequate quantities of linen from the linen room as per the request sheet.

?Does not leave the area of work without notifying the Supervisor / restaurant in-charge.

?Perform all side duties established by the Supervisor / Restaurant in-charge.

?To ensure that all information and duties received by the Supervisor / Restaurant in-charge is followed accurately.

?Report for duty ten minutes early with clean attire.

?To follow the Farm policies and procedures and all Food & Beverage service Standards.

?Ensure sufficient quantities of crockery, cutlery, china and glassware are available prior to the service operation.

?Double check all items received from the stores and ensure this correspondence with the requisition form.

?Make sure that Food & Beverage items are picked up as per the requisition sheet.

?To offer quality service at all times. And to keep the back of the house clean and tidy any give time.

?To follow all hygiene standards set in the company hygiene manual.

?To operate according to all accounting policies and procedures of the outlet.

?To actively support in the back of the house jobs and to exploit his/her organizational and administrative skills.

?To ensure orders are thoroughly checked before serving to the guest.

?To ensure proper stacking of adequate mis-en-place in the side station.

?To ensure food and beverage items are well printed on the check before presenting to the guest.

?To up sell Food and Beverage products.

?To assist the Captain and Supervisor at all times.

?To perform all tasks as per the Standards Operating Procedure.

?To attend all Training as scheduled by the management

?To ensure that house rules are followed

?To be aware of all emergency procedures

?To strictly adhere to the Farm’s Policy on Confidentiality and Ethics.

?To perform all other tasks as requested by management

?To respect the confidentiality and personal details of the guests and staff at all times.

?To ensure that the Standard Operating Procedure is followed at all times.


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