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Caterer Global LTD

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Full time

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Job Title:

Chef De Partie (CDP)



Location:Line Manager:

Sous Chef

Job purpose:

To Implement the standards and procedures necessary to achieve the stated quality and quantity of the produced food in his / her section. HI is responsible of the opening and closing procedures, especially those related to keeping assigned section and food used in this section at the highest degree of cleanliness, safety, and hygiene norms.

Role and Responsibilities

1.Maintaining Standard Procedure

Sous Chef must always.

a.Ensure that all policies and procedures are followed in his or her kitchen as mentioned in the ‘Brand Operations Manual’.

b.Be committed to implement production standards. Understanding that these have been developed to enhance the brand.

2.Kitchen Work

Different restaurants have different ways of doing things. In order to maintain a consistent brand image all branches of the restaurant a Sous Chef has to constantly make sure that everything in his, or her kitchen from setting up the ingredients to dealing with leftovers is done according to the set norms, and standards of the operation manual, and that the quality of the food prepared is as good as can be. His or her role when it comes to implementing customary procedures consist of:

a.Ensuring a smooth and proper kitchen opening and closing, using designated checklists

b.Supervising all processing and cooking operations with the respect of:

·Standardized Recipes

·Standardized portioning

·Standardized preparation methods

·Wastage & leftover control

·Expiry date and product freshness

c.Striving to maintain the quality and taste of food prepared in all sections at its highest level.

3.Request, Receive, Store & Issuing Products:

In addition to the kitchen work, brand Sous chef is also responsible for keeping the food supply at the needed level wile taking cost into consideration and maximizing quality at the same time. He or she is hence in charge of the following responsibilities related to that aspect of the job:

a.Ensuring the proper request of fresh vegetables, meat, fruit, poultry, fish and other food and beverage products, through the designated requisition system (according to section needs).

b.Ensure all received products are store in their designated places (dry store, cold rooms, and freezers) properly and safely while granting a great attention for:

·Unpacked received products as appropriate.

·Dispensing food products in appropriate clean containers

·Arranging food products in walk-in fridges, freezers, or dry store as per set standards.

c.Monitoring the appropriate storage temperature at his section

d.Striving to keep all kitchen equipment in their best condition for the utmost period, using designated maintenance sheets and proper machinery handling methods.

4.Cost Control

a.Adhering to all cost control procedures. Avoid wastage and manage leftovers.

b.Acting in the best interests of the company with regards to minimizing cost (when it comes to food,

5.Cleaning, Hygiene, and maintenance duties

a.Ensure the cleanliness of his section, include all related equipment, kitchen utensils and smallware to meet all health and sanitization requirements.

b.Monitoring and controlling the sanitation of the kitchen accommodation, equipment, and related areas to ensure a heathy and safe working environment which meets/exceeds corporate standards and regulations.

c.Ensure that all staff is applying the highest levels of personal hygiene and that they are all without exception respecting the food, and kitchen safety norms. He must frequently check)

·Staff grooming norms (uniform, hairnet, gloves, sleeves, shoes, and all others).

·Respect and implementation of the various food safety concerns when they are preparing ingredients, cooking food, or storing the final product, including the control of any possible cross contamination, food mishandling, and bad storage practices.

d.Being alert to any potential pest and rodent presence in all sections in the kitchen and reporting any related issues as quick as possible to the management as well as dealing with this matter as a number one priority.

e.Ensuring a complete adherence of storage requirements to the set standard of cleanliness, safety, and organization:

·The daily check-up of labels expired and spoiled items that needs removal.

·The respect of FIFO system

·The proper rotation of all food products

Key Performance indicator (KPI)

Health & Safety Audit Rating


Haccp Due diligence Completion Score


Brand Audit Score


Performance evaluation


CRM reports (Mystery diner, 3rd party platform




Qualifications and Education RequirementsA Bachelor/TS/BS degree or equivalent education in culinary science is required, or similar hospitality management award Work EXPERIENCE:

Must have at least 4 years of experience in the food service industry (production section) with advancement ability for critical position

Technical skills and KNOWLEDGE:

-100% fresh cooking

-Knife Handling and sharping skills

-Knowledge of classic cooker procedures

-Product production planning



-Hot kitchen cooking

-Cold kitchen cooking

-Open Charcoal Cooking

-Sous Vide Cooking

Physical Requirement:

-Ability to lift over 20 Kg on a regular basis.

TRAINING & Certifications:

Food Hygiene Certificate


Basic competency

Technical competency

Ability To work in challenging situations

Work at speed

Ability to work under high pressure

Specific section skills

Communicate with different nationalities

Attention to detail

Basic Mathematics

Ability to motivate

Managerial competency (for Managers only)

This announcement is aimed to both genders and people of all ages and all nationalities.

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