Junior Sous Chef

Publisher :

Caterer Global LTD

location :

Washington D.C., U.S.A.

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Working hours :

Full time

Salary :

Gross remuneration Yearly


Smart Working
International experiences
Available for business trips



1.1.1To assist in ensuring that each Food & Beverage outlet and banquet is managed successfully as an independent profit center.

1.1.2To maintain control and discipline in the absence of the Executive Sous Chef, providing direction and assuming all consequent duties and responsibilities.

1.1.3To assist in performance appraisals when necessary.

1.1.4To assist in ensuring that each outlet is managed by a Management Team (Kitchen Dept) who are totally accountable for their profitability.

1.1.5To set, in close conjunction with each Ex. Sous Chef, Annual Operating Targets, which will form part of the Hotel’s Annual Business Plan

1.1.6To monitor all costs and recommend measures to control them.To establish an integrated cost management plan.

1.1.7To ensure that the Department Operational Budget is strictly adhered to.

1.1.8To monitor all costs and recommend / institute measures to control them.

1.1.9To review monthly forecasts and schedule resources accordingly.

1.1.10To ensure that all the outlets and banquet are managed efficiently according to the established concept statements and adhere to company and hotel policies & procedures and all standards.

1.1.11To assist in the implementation of a flexible employee base. To allocate employees over the division based on established business productivity.

1.1.12To assign responsibilities to subordinates and to check their performance periodically.

1.1.13In absence of the Executive Sous Chef, represent the Kitchen Department on the hotel's Executive Committee.

1.1.14To support staff needs in other Divisions based on the hotel priorities and anticipated business levels.

1.1.15To monitor service and Food & Beverage standards in all outlets and banquets.To work with the different Outlet Managers, Banquet Manager and respective Ex. Sous Chef or Sous chef to take corrective action when and where necessary.

1.1.16To establish, implement and control performance standards for the Stewarding Operation in Kitchens, Restaurants and Bars.

1.1.17Ensures that all food preparation and presentation and kitchen sanitation practices meet with hotel standards and local legislations.

1.1.18Ensure that all his brigade follow the HACCP regulations and monitor regulations.

1.1.19To assist in the implementation of the various food safety and hygiene standards including HACCP and other Municipality regulations.

1.1.20To work closely with Hygiene Officer in implementing all hygiene and safety procedures.

1.1.21To be available and on duty during peak periods (frequently opening and closing the operation).

1.1.22To spend time in the outlets (during peak periods) to ensure that the outlet is managed well by the respective Outlet team and functions to the fullest expectations.

1.1.23To frequently taste Food & Beverage in all outlets and be demanding and critical when it comes to Food & Beverage quality.

1.1.24To be demanding and critical when it comes to service standards.

1.1.25To ensure that each Chef de Cuisine and his respective team project a warm, professional and welcome image.

1.1.26To conduct frequent walk through inspections together with the Assistant Director of the Food & Beverage, Steward Manager and Hygiene Officer.

1.1.27To handle guest and employee inquiries in a courteous and efficient manner and report guest complaints or problems to direct report if no immediate solution can be found and assure follow up with guests.

1.1.28To work in close collaboration with the Steward Manager to ensure regular cleanliness and up-keeping of the kitchen and its equipments.

1.1.29To establish a rapport with guests maintaining good customer relationship and handle all guest complaints, requests and inquiries on food, beverage and service.

1.1.30To frequently verify that only “fresh” products are used in Food & Beverage preparation.

1.1.31To monitor and analyze the activities and trends of competitive restaurants, bars and other hotel's banqueting departments.

1.1.32To encourage the Assistant Director of Food & Beverage to be creative and support his marketing and up sell activities. To encourage creativity among his team.

1.1.33To continuously seek ways to assist the Outlet management to maximize their revenues and profits.

1.1.34To ensure that employee food is as good and buffet well maintained as a restaurant outlet.

1.1.35To ensure that all Departmental Operations Manuals are prepared and updated annually.

1.1.36To ensure that all Kitchen forms and reports are forwarded in time to the Food & Beverage Office.

1.1.37To ensure accurate maintenance of recipes, conversion recipes, yield tables and product specifications.

1.1.38To ensure that all recipes are followed strictly in order to achieve consistency of product and service

1.1.39To keep Food & Beverage employees up to date with seasonally available products and new products on the market.

1.1.40To attend weekly Food & Beverage Meeting.

1.1.41To ensure that all meetings are well planned, efficient and result oriented.

1.1.42To conduct daily operations briefing with the Assistant Director of Food & Beverage

1.1.43To ensure that deadlines on all projects are met.

1.1.44To prepare weekly work schedules in accordance with workload and priorities for the approval by the Executive Sous Chef.

1.1.45To ensure the smooth operation of the Kitchen Department during the absence of the Executive Sous Chef.

1.1.46To participate with the preparation of a yearly marketing plan for each outlet, which is the basis of the Food & Beverage Annual Marketing Plan

1.1.47To ensure that all Outlet Management Teams and Catering Department are fully aware of market needs and trends and that their products meet these requirements.

1.1.48To conduct yearly performance appraisal and give employees regular feedback on their job performance.

1.1.49Must be an example of the Rixos Values, Brand Standards, and a champion of appearance and hygiene guidelines.

1.1.50Implements guidelines, policies and procedures for those operating departments according to Rixos Guidelines & Standards.

1.1.51Must apply the Rixos Food & Beverage rituals.

1.1.52To maintain a good rapport and working relationship with staff in the outlet and all other departments.

1.1.53To attend and contribute to all staff meetings, Departmental and Hotel trainings scheduled and other related activities.

1.1.54To fully support the Departmental Trainers function in the Department assigned.

1.1.55To undertake any reasonable tasks and secondary duties as assigned by the Executive Sous Chef.

1.1.56To respond to any changes in the restaurant function as dictated by the hotel.

1.1.57To have a complete understanding of the Income Audit Section in the Operations Manual and Policies & Procedures.

1.1.58To carry out monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, yearly inventory of operating equipment.


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