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Job title :

Check-out Operator

location :

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contract type :


Working hours :

Full time

Salary :

Gross remuneration Yearly

Study title :

Diploma degree in Accounting


Smart Working
International experiences
Available for business trips



Job Summary

  • Ensure correct matching of invoices with payment on SAP system.
  • Ensure correct customer balances to protect the company’s accounts receivables (customer debts)
  • Perform physical count on branch inventory and safe money and comparing between SAP system and actual results to control on inventory and cash in the branch.
  • Perform weekly physical count for on-hand trucks and ensure correct inventory balances and adjust stocks as required
  • Follow-up for to ensure collecting all customer dues (accounts receivables) to avoid overdue cases
  • Daily reconciliation between sales and receivable from Handheld Terminals and SAP for Van Sales Representatives
  • Matching the receiving stamp on the invoices to the customer being invoiced to ensure the goods were delivered to the same customer being invoiced.
  • Organize, control and safekeep all financial documents.
  • Develop daily analysis of sales in the Branch by sales representative, product and customer
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the direct manger based on business requirements


Job Requirements

  • Good understanding of finance and accounting practices and principles
  • Good knowledge and understanding of treasury and cash management practices and principles
  • Previous use of Financial/Accounting systems such as SAP is preferred
  • Proficient in English communication (written, read and spoken)

Experience and qualifications

  • A minimum of diploma degree in Accounting
  • A minimum of 2-years’ experience in a related field, handling cash transactions daily, is required

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