Sr. Python Developer

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IT Sector

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Python developer

location :

Atlanta, U.S.

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Telework/Home work

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Gross remuneration Yearly


Smart Working
International experiences
Available for business trips




The ideal candidate for this position should have a solid background in Python 3, REST APIs, XML and SQL databases. We primarily develop on Odoo and Flask frameworks but experience with other frameworks such as Django is also useful.

You should have some background in eCommerce systems, production/MRP systems or order/payment management. Knowledge of different image formats, image processing and conversion is hugely beneficial.

Qualifications from most to least important

  • Solid knowledge of Python 3
  • Understanding of good programming practices; you aim to produce tested, optimized, well documented, reusable, readable and clean code
  • Attention to detail and good communication skills
  • Knowledge of Odoo platform
  • Familiarity with REST APIs, XML
  • Familiarity with eCommerce platforms such as Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, Order Desk or eBay
  • Familiarity with processing and generating image and document formats such as JPEG, PNG, WEBM, SVG and PDF in Python
  • Background in production/MRP systems
  • Background in order or payment management systems

Must be proficient: 5-7yrs

  • Python
  • Ruby (Medium experience is ok)
  • Apl – (APL is an array-oriented programming language)
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • SHOPIFY (is a plus )


As a Python developer, you will join a close-knit team of engineers to build the future of our order management platform destined to serve millions of orders.

You will be responsible for developing the new and improved version of our Python and Odoo based platform. The new version of our service will allow our customers to manage their product portfolios and orders effortlessly and seamlessly, as well as aid our internal support and production teams to provide quality assistance and accurate results.

Your main area of focus would be platform integrations, working with eCommerce and manufacturing partner platforms and APIs to ensure production orders are received and updated accurately. Other responsibilities include but are not limited to developing new tools to assist our internal teams to accomplish their goals more efficiently and responding to evolving demands in production processes.

This announcement is aimed to both genders and people of all ages and all nationalities.

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