Studio Technician

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Glassdoor Inc.

sector :

Television broadcasting sector

Job title :

Studio Technician

location :

Minneapolis, Stati Uniti

Contract type :


Working hours :

Part time

Salary :

Gross remuneration Yearly


Smart Working
International experiences
Available for business trips



Job Summary:

This part time position is responsible for all aspects of live productions in the studio. Responsibilities include moving set elements, adjusting lights, positioning props, placing microphones on guests, and cueing talent to proper cameras while constantly communicating time cues relayed from the show director.


Essential Job Functions:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to relay directions through intercom system
  • Set Up studio set elements and studio lighting pre-sets for each show including the following:

1. Position camera pedestals in proper performance areas around the studio

2. Turn on/off backyard set and studio set lighting systems before and after each show as needed

3. Light backyard gas fireplace as an outside set element

4. Set up outdoor patio furniture in KARE-11 backyard as requested per show producer - (Furniture covers and storage depending on weather)

5. Maintain backyard water feature (Keep free of debris)

6. Shovel snow away from performance area for outside weather coverage during winter months.

7. Clean and prep studio before and after each shift

8. Learn Robotic Camera operations including pedestal locations, pan, tilt, zoom controls and camera shading.

9. Understanding of basic computer functions

10. Understanding operations of studio cameras and microphones.

11. Load wireless Microphones and IFB packs with batteries

12. Prep Studio (Monitors and Guest setups)


> Familiar with TV studio operations

> Excellent communication skills

> Good Listener

> Detail oriented

> Able to take directions well from others

> Able to work varying shift times and days

> Work well under pressure with quick thinking

> Able to work around operational issues and find solution

> Creative thinker

Recommended Skills


Attention To Detail

Active Listening

Stress Management



Job Snapshot

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Minneapolis, MN

Job Type

Information Technology, Media - Journalism - Newspaper

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