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Workplace Innovation Manager


London, United Kingdom


Gross remuneration 55000.00 - 82500.00 € Yearly

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Workplace Innovation Manager



The is a world-first proposition, designed to meet changes and support colleagues by giving them the skill, expertise and support to get the most out of their everyday.

The rules of work have changed, and what people expect from work, their workplaces and their lives have changed, perhaps forever.

This role is new, and there will be an element of defining and exploring the role as you grow into it. The ideal candidate will be excited by this challenge. The kinds of activities that will be part of the role:

  • Exploring: Monitoring trends in the different modes of work and staying up to date with the latest thinking. Building and adding to the existing catalogue of tools and sessions, building a network of expertise.
  • Improving: Planning and preparing for structured interventions with colleagues (specific drop-in sessions or team sessions about a mode of work).
  • Advising: Monitoring and giving support to people on how to use the tools and workspaces that are available.
  • Supporting: Building relationships and offering advice, support, techniques and tips to colleagues to help them be at their most productive - seamlessly giving a flawless experience to colleagues wherever they are.

The role:

  • Collaboration: the latest collaborative tools and techniques and have a range of options and ideas to help colleagues get the most out of their collaborative workshops, meetings and moments.
  • Deep Work: the requirements of sustained, solitary focus, creating the best environment and tools to support it.
  • Connection: the ways colleagues need to connect, and the tools and support they need to shortcut the connection process, so colleagues stay in sync whether they are together or working at a distance from each other.
  • Fast and Furious: support people operating at pace, helping people manage their energy, anxiety and focus.
  • Delivery: improving everyday efficiencies, helping people create solutions to common, reoccurring working challenges.


  • A deep understanding of the modes of work, and how they manifest in colleagues.
  • Experience working within a professional services environment is essential.
  • Expertise in workplace performance and productively.
  • Expertise in the modes of work required by the teams around them.
  • Strong networks, knowing how to get things done and how to solve everyday challenges.
  • The knowledge and ability to take the pain of everyday work away.

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