A word many fill their mouth with when talking about a job, but to which is given much less actual importance compared to keywords, especially during candidate selection.

Everyone wants competent employees or to hire a freelancer who knows what they are doing, but how many really care about the actual skills of the candidates when evaluating job applications?

After all, the capability to do a specific job with a certain degree of skill — be it from experience, education, or both — is essential when choosing one candidate over another.

Nowadays, anyone looking for a job tries to stand out compared to others, to improve their knowledge; some by following training courses, others by reinventing themselves, others by trying a new career in unfamiliar fields.

In such a scenario, personal skills become ever more important, but are too often overlooked, with the focus always on keywords. Sometimes job seekers do not include in the CV some of their skills because they believe them irrelevant, other times it is companies who do not notice them.


Ominee wants to go beyond “keyword-based selection”, focusing on people’s skills.

The AI infers what skills a user actually has when they complete their profile. For example, a computer programmer will automatically have in their profile different skills related to IT, without the need to fill them in by hand.

In short, Ominee’s semantic engine makes deductions and extracts the users’ skills from their digital profiles, including those not explicitly mentioned.

Whichever skills you are looking for, on Ominee businesses, staffing firms, even the common citizen looking for a professional, can find the person most suited for their needs with just a few clicks.

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